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Terms & Conditions

  • Rentals is not responsible for any losses or damage resulting from the use of the equipment by the client
  • All quotations are subject to goods being available at the time of signature; Should equipment not be available, the closest match will be supplied;  Should clients seek specific specifications, the client should notify GO! Rentals in writing
  • Insurance Claims are subject to proof of forced entry and does not cover negligence, acts of God or malicious damage to equipment or theft of goods which are left unattended or in an unsecured area.
  • The renting party ("the user") is responsible for any losses in the abovementioned circumstances.
  • Any insurance claims must be made in writing to GO! Rentals within 2 days of any goods being damaged or missing.
  • The user shall be liable for any excess payments with regards to all insurance claims, being 50% of the total of the replacement value of such goods, with a minimum of R1,000
  • All requirements for the insurance claim, as required by GO Computer Rentals and the applicable insurer / leasing company, shall be supplied by the user within 24 hours of such a request.
  • The information required may include, but is not limited to:
    • Certified Copy of ID
    • Affidavit signed at Commissioner of Oathes
    • Copy of Police Report
    • Case Number
    • Relevant Contact Persons
    • Security Company, or Venue incident report
  • Failing to comply with insurance claim requests may result in a rental of the equipment being charged to the user until the claim is fully processed;
  • Should the insurance claim be refused by the insurance company for reasons of lack of information, negligence on the part of the user, or other reasonable reasons, the user shall be responsible for the full replacement value of the missing equipment.
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